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DTF (Direct to Film) Printing

DTF (Direct to Film) is a printing process in which images are printed directly onto a film then heat-pressed onto the garment, resulting in sharp and long-lasting prints. The benefit is that DTF is more versatile, allowing for printing on a wider range of fabrics, including cotton, synthetic and blend materials. The main advantage of DTF is its ability to produce high-quality, short-run print jobs quickly and cost-effectively.

Compared to DTG technology like Brother, Epson and Ricoh or White Toner Transfer, DTF offers even more savings. With no pre-treatment needed, your startup costs can be up to 75% lower. With a lower initial investment, cost-effective supplies, and easy-to-manage RIP software, DTF delivers high-quality photographic prints with a soft feel whether you're printing on light or dark fabrics.

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