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UVDTF Printing

Introducing UVDTF® - an amazing solution for all your UV printing needs! Say goodbye to the limitations of printing directly onto hard substrates. No more struggling to print on irregularly shaped materials - simply print on the UVDTF® Sheets, peel and transfer the UV "stickers" onto objects.

With UVDTF®, you can print designs onto a single sheet, allowing you to create multiple images at once. UVDTF is perfect for printing on a wide variety of hard substrates, including Puzzles, Canvas, Cell Phone Cases, Leather, Glass, Labels, Metal, Crystal, KT Board, Acrylic, PVC, ABS, EVA, Plastic, Silica Gel and more. The possibilities are endless!

While the UVDTF® prints are water and wear-resistant, we're continuously working to improve their resistance to the elements. But don't wait to try it out for yourself - UVDTF® is perfect way to expand your UV printing capabilities and take your designs to the next level.

How It Works: Start by printing your design onto "A" film using UV ink and adding a layer of varnish. Next, laminate the "A" film with "B" film. Finally, simply peel and apply the laminated films onto the surface of your choice.

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