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DTG PRO | DTF PRO 1 Day Onboarding and Training enlarged
DTG PRO | DTF PRO 1 Day Onboarding and Training

DTG PRO | DTF PRO 1 Day Onboarding and Training


This purchase entails an in-person training and orientation session for any DTG or DTF printer bought from us. Alternatively, it can be utilized for on-site support in case of issues occurring after the warranty has expired. Our team will initiate contact with you to coordinate a mutually convenient appointment for dispatching one of our technicians to your location. They will provide hands-on onboarding and training, or offer assistance and support as required.

This offer is valid for locations within the contiguous United States, subject to technician availability. To ensure a smooth session, there are some initial setup prerequisites that you should address before scheduling a technician visit. This includes ensuring you have all the necessary equipment on hand for the training or onboarding process, having the correct laptop/pc with the required software and internet connection, ensuring the availability of essential consumables such as ink, film, powder, and creating a suitable work environment that meets electrical, temperature, and humidity control requirements where applicable.

WARNING: When engaged in specialty printing and curing processes like DTF, DTG, Sublimation, and UV printing, it is important to operate in a well-ventilated space and use protective gear, as the fumes can be hazardous. To reduce the likelihood of ink clogs and prevent film buckling, it is strongly advised to maintain a room humidity 50%-70% and a temperature 75°-80°F / 24°-27°C.

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