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SK Pretreatment Liquid - DTG pre-treat for Dark and Light Garments enlarged
SK Pretreatment Liquid - DTG pre-treat for Dark and Light Garments

SK Pretreatment Liquid - DTG pre-treat for Dark and Light Garments

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Discover the power of SK Direct-to-Garment Pretreatment Liquid.

Unlock the full potential of your DTG printing with SK Pretreatment Liquid, a top-selling product in the Asia Pacific, crafted by a leader in chemical production for the textile industry. This innovative solution ensures vibrant, high-quality prints on both light and dark fabrics. Choose LIGHT PRETREAT for lighter garments and DARK PRETREAT for darker ones. SK pre-treat formula is not only easy to apply but also dries soft, ensuring a comfortable wear, and is compatible with all major DTG printers, including Ricoh.

SK DTG Pre-treatment Features:

  • Experience Unmatched Brightness: Elevate your prints with our SK formula, designed to enhance white tones, achieving up to 35% brighter results than competing brands.
  • Exceptionally Soft to the Touch: SK pre-treatment liquid is engineered to reduce fibrillation, ensuring a smooth print that maintains the original feel of the fabric.
  • Stain-Free Confidence: Say goodbye to unwanted stains! With SK pretreat, you can apply with peace of mind, knowing your garments will remain pristine, without the discolored outlines commonly seen with other pretreats.
  • Boost Your Profits: Why pay more for premium quality? SK Pre-treatment offers the industry's best value, providing top-tier results at the most competitive price.

Elevate your garment printing today with SK Pretreatment Liquid - where quality meets innovation at an unbeatable price.

CAUTION: WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA and wear PROTECTIVE GEAR (including masks and gloves) while handling specialty printing and curing materials and techniques (such as DTF, DTG, UV, WTT, etc.), due to the potential hazards from fumes and processes. It's strongly advised to use a fume extractor in addition to maintaining proper ventilation when using DTF powder.
Operating any specialty ink printing devices and materials, including inks, chemicals, powders, etc., is entirely at the user's risk.
To reduce the chances of ink clogs and film warping, maintain the environment for specialty inks and films within optimal humidity (50% - 70%) and temperature (75° to 80°F) conditions. To reduce the likelihood of ink clogs and prevent film buckling, it is strongly advised to maintain a room humidity 50%-70% and a temperature 75°-80°F / 24°-27°C.



Introducing SK Direct-to-Garment Pretreatment Liquid

This new pretreatment for DTG has been a best seller in Asia Pacific markets produced by one of the most experienced chemical producers in the garment and textile industries. It delivers beautiful images on both light and dark garments (select the LIGHT PRETREAT for light garments, and the DARK PRETREAT for dark garments). The fluid is easy to apply, dries soft to the touch and can be cured with either tunnel dryer or heat press without staining. Designed to work with all DTG printers including Ricoh DTG printers.

Brighter & More Solid Whites - The SK formula delivers beautiful bright whites with consistent opacity. Up to 35% brighter than other brands.

Amazingly Soft Hand (Feel) - SK Pretreat Liquid has been engineered to balance minimizing fibrillation for the perfect print while still retaining the garment's original hand feel!

No Visible Staining - Pretreat with confidence with SK Pretreat! No more worries of pretreat staining your garments leaving an ugly discolored box around your graphic.

Increased Profits - You don't need to pay a premium price for quality pretreat. SK Pretreat is the lowest priced DTG pretreat in the market today!

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