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DTF PRO UV, UV DTF Ink for Epson printers enlarged
DTF PRO UV, UV DTF Ink for Epson printers

DTF PRO UV, UV DTF Ink for Epson printers

Color   Price
White out of stock $37.00
Black out of stock $37.00
Cyan out of stock $37.00
Magenta out of stock $37.00
Yellow out of stock $37.00
Varnish out of stock $37.00
Out of Stock

DTGPRO professional grade UV / UVDTF ink with a viscosity range of 5cp, designed for use with Epson printheads, such as Epson DX 4, DX5, DX7, Dimatix LV. This high-quality UV ink is engineered to be used with both flexible and rigid substrates, has excellent scratch resistance and adhesion to a variety of thermoplastic products such as PET, PIE or Polyurethane (PUR).

Colors are vibrant and bright, resulting stunning output that's intense and durable. Ink formula is designed to produce long-lasting and vivid prints.

If you're looking for the best choice in UV substrate printing, DTGPRO UV / UVDTF LED ink is the perfect option.

Please note, shake well UVDTF ink to ensure that the pigments are evenly mixed. It is recommended to use these inks in environments with controlled temperature and humidity, with room temperature recommended, and humidity levels above 40%.

Available Options:

SizeColorPriceUnit Price
250mlWhite$37$0.15 per ml
250mlBlack$37$0.15 per ml
250mlCyan$37$0.15 per ml
250mlMagenta$37$0.15 per ml
250mlYellow$37$0.15 per ml
250mlVarnish$37$0.15 per ml
1 LiterWhite$86$0.09 per ml
1 LiterBlack$86$0.09 per ml
1 LiterCyan$86$0.09 per ml
1 LiterMagenta$86$0.09 per ml
1 LiterYellow$86$0.09 per ml
1 LiterVarnish$86$0.09 per ml

WARNING: When engaged in specialty printing and curing processes like DTF, DTG, Sublimation, and UV printing, it is important to operate in a well-ventilated space and use protective gear, as the fumes can be hazardous. To reduce the likelihood of ink clogs and prevent film buckling, it is strongly advised to maintain a room humidity 50%-70% and a temperature 75°-80°F / 24°-27°C.

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