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DuPont Artistri P5000 Fabric DTG Ink for Epson enlarged
DuPont Artistri P5000 Fabric DTG Ink for Epson

DuPont Artistri P5000 Fabric DTG Ink for Epson

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DuPont Artistri Textile Ink - Your Gateway to Unmatched DTG Excellence! Elevate Your DTG Printing with DuPont Artistri Textile Ink!

  • Precision Engineering for Epson-Based DTG Engines: DuPont Artistri Textile Ink is fully compatible with a diverse range of DTG machines, including DTG PRO, Nikko, Col-Desi (DTG Digital), Fast T-Jet, Veloci-jet, Texjet, Flexi-jet, Freejet, AnaJet, AnaJet Sprint, DTG Viper, DTG Kiosk, DTG HM1, Neoflex, MelcoJet, Melco G2, MS1, Blazer Pro and Express, Epson F2100, Anajet / Ricoh (Ri100, Ri1000, and more), Katana (with P600/800), Hongjet/ BajuJet, Epson F2100, Omniprint Freejet, Polyprint, and numerous others.
  • Certified Quality Assurance: Trust in the excellence of DuPont Artistri P5000 series ink. Our certification ensures you're receiving the highest quality inks available in the market.
  • Versatile Fabric Printing: DuPont Artistri Textile Ink is your ultimate tool for printing on 100% cotton fabrics. Plus, it achieves impressive results on 50/50 poly blends, expanding your creative possibilities.
  • Wash-Fast Durability: Our inks are renowned for their outstanding wash-fastness. Simply use a standard heat press with medium pressure, curing printed garments for 120 seconds at 330 degrees Fahrenheit (166 degrees Celsius). For high humidity or damp garments, extend curing to 180 seconds using a silicone-coated curing sheet.

Upgrade your DTG printing to a realm of unparalleled quality and precision. DuPont Artistri Textile Ink is your path to delivering stunning, vibrant, and long-lasting prints that will captivate your customers.

WARNING: When engaged in specialty printing and curing processes like DTF, DTG, Sublimation, and UV printing, it is important to operate in a well-ventilated space and use protective gear, as the fumes can be hazardous. To reduce the likelihood of ink clogs and prevent film buckling, it is strongly advised to maintain a room humidity 50%-70% and a temperature 75°-80°F / 24°-27°C.

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