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EnduraPRESS SD20 Swing Away Heat Press - 16 x 20 inches enlarged
EnduraPRESS SD20 Swing Away Heat Press - 16 x 20 inches

EnduraPRESS SD20 Swing Away Heat Press - 16 x 20 inches


EnduraPRESS SD20 Swing Away Heat Press - Pro-Level Heat Press with Unbeatable Value!

Packed with professional-grade features typically found in much pricier heat presses, the EnduraPRESS SD20 is your gateway to high-quality heat transfer without breaking the bank. Its generously-sized 16" x 20" upper heat platen easily accommodates larger transfers. The swing-away platen design not only offers more space for substrate setup but also provides the essential vertical pressure required for thicker materials like tiles and mouse pads.

EnduraPRESS SD20 boasts a robustly constructed table, ensuring even pressure distribution across the lower platen. Its spring-actuated lever allows for smooth and hassle-free operation, even at high pressure settings. With a 16" x 20" consistent heating element and a temperature range of up to 480°F, EnduraPRESS SD20 delivers reliable performance across the entire platen.

The digital touch-screen LCD control panel simplifies customization for various applications, granting you quick access to cycle time, Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion, programmable alarms, and temperature display calibration - all at your fingertips.

EnduraPRESS SD20 Heat Press Features:

  • Swing Away design is ideal for even thicker substrates
  • 16" x 20" heating element
  • Temperature range up to 480°F
  • Easy to use and read digital touch screen LCD panel
  • Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion
  • Programmable alarm
  • Temperature display calibration
  • Extendable base for superior stability
  • High quality durable construction
  • Option youth, sleeve and show platens available
  • Accurate temperature controls
  • Maximum Pressure: 1,000 lb of force or 8.3PSI
  • One Year Warranty

NOTE: This press does not have a pressure readout display.

CAUTION: WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA and wear PROTECTIVE GEAR (including masks and gloves) while handling specialty printing and curing materials and techniques (such as DTF, DTG, UV, WTT, etc.), due to the potential hazards from fumes and processes. It's strongly advised to use a fume extractor in addition to maintaining proper ventilation when using DTF powder.
Operating any specialty ink printing devices and materials, including inks, chemicals, powders, etc., is entirely at the user's risk.
To reduce the chances of ink clogs and film warping, maintain the environment for specialty inks and films within optimal humidity (50% - 70%) and temperature (75° to 80°F) conditions. To reduce the likelihood of ink clogs and prevent film buckling, it is strongly advised to maintain a room humidity 50%-70% and a temperature 75°-80°F / 24°-27°C.


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