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Nix 2 Color Sensor enlarged
Nix 2 Color Sensor

Nix 2 Color Sensor


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With NIX® Color Sensor and CADLINK Digital Factory or PRORIP DTF, you can now achieve precise color matching for your DTF prints, eliminating the need for guesswork.

Matching colors for specific jobs is a common occurrence, and many famous brands or logos usually publish CMYK or other color values for their designs. However, when it comes to matching a custom color, obtaining the perfect color can be quite challenging.

There are many variables involved in a printing workflow, from the printer to the inks to the substrate to the design. However, with the help of NIX® Color Sensor and CADLINK Digital Factory RIP or PRORIP DTF, you can achieve accurate color output.

How it works:

  • Start by selecting the job in the queue you want to color match
  • Using the job color replacement tool, select the color you want to replace
  • With the NIX Color Sensor and your mobile device, scan the color you want to match (the NIX Sensor will yield accurate CIE lab values for you)
  • Input the returned CIE lab values into the appropriate fields in CADLINK Digital Factory RIP or PRORIP DTF, click apply, and that's it!

NIX MINI 2 vs. Nix PRO 2: NIX Pro 2 has a greater performance in terms of repeatability and interinstrument agreement; and the NIX Pro 2 has improved durability which means it can stand up to more abuse and give the user more confidence that the device will be performing as expected over time.

To achieve accurate color matching the following are required

  • NIX Sensor (NIX MINI 2 or NIX PRO 2)
  • RIP Software (either CADLINK Digital Factory RIP or PRORIP DTF RIP)
  • ICC Profiling Module for CADLINK | PRORIP DTF (works with both CADLINK and PRORIP DTF)


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