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DTF PRO Compact Infrared Conveyor Dryer - DTF Transfer Powder Curing enlarged
DTF PRO Compact Infrared Conveyor Dryer - DTF Transfer Powder Curing

DTF PRO Compact Infrared Conveyor Dryer - DTF Transfer Powder Curing


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This is an entry-level tabletop dryer that can cure DTF Transfer Film after printing and powder application. It can also be used to cure printed garments such as screen printed or discharge-printed garments.

The dryer offers full operator control, with adjustable heater height/angle, heat intensity, and belt speed. It has an approximate capacity of 50-100 T-shirts per hour.

This is the perfect curing system for those who want to save space and costs, in contrast to the larger industrial-sized powdering and drying machines that can take up the space of a small room and cost around $10,000.

Available Products:
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D-100 (18 inch)D-1000 (26 inch)
  • Belt Width: 18" (46 cm)
  • Heater Width: 16" (41 cm)
  • Conveyor Length: 46" (1.17 m)
  • Footprint: 8 sq.ft (2.44 sq.m)
  • Belt Width: 26" (66 cm)
  • Heater Width: 20" (51 cm)
  • Conveyor Length: 56" (1.43 m)
  • Footprint: 10 sq.ft (3 sq.m)

Please note, this is a HEATING machine, which means that you will still need to apply the powder manually. However, you can integrate this conveyor dryer into your assembly line for post-powdering, conveyor-based curing of your transfer sheets or rolls.

The dryer features a HI/LO heat adjustment and variable belt speed, providing you with complete control over your curing process. It is compact yet powerful due to the dense coil pattern and heater shields, which eliminate hot and cold spots. As a result, this conveyor dryer is an ideal choice for any small business or home-based operation looking for an economical dryer with a small footprint.

  • PTFE coated fiberglass belt with tracking system
  • Speed, temperature, heater height and tilt
  • Approx 50-100 T-Shirts per hour
  • Powerful infrared heater with tight coil pattern and heat shields
  • Best warranty, high quality, exceptional service

Assembly required.

CAUTION: WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA and wear PROTECTIVE GEAR (including masks and gloves) while handling specialty printing and curing materials and techniques (such as DTF, DTG, UV, WTT, etc.), due to the potential hazards from fumes and processes. It's strongly advised to use a fume extractor in addition to maintaining proper ventilation when using DTF powder.
Operating any specialty ink printing devices and materials, including inks, chemicals, powders, etc., is entirely at the user's risk.
To reduce the chances of ink clogs and film warping, maintain the environment for specialty inks and films within optimal humidity (50% - 70%) and temperature (75° to 80°F) conditions. To reduce the likelihood of ink clogs and prevent film buckling, it is strongly advised to maintain a room humidity 50%-70% and a temperature 75°-80°F / 24°-27°C.

Click here to learn what is DTF and understand its advantages over other garment printing methods.

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