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NIX MINI 3 Color Sensor - Accurate Print Color Matching enlarged

NIX MINI 3 Color Sensor - Accurate Print Color Matching


Accurate color matching for your DTF prints - No more guessing with NIX and CADlink or ProRIP!

Matching specific colors is a common requirement in various jobs. Popular brands and logos often provide CMYK. However, achieving the precise color match for custom colors can be a challenging task.

In the print workflow, numerous variables come into play, including the printing machine, inks, substrate, and design. Fortunately, the NIX Color Sensor combined with CADlink RIP or ProRIP DTF offers a solution for achieving accurate color output.

Never guess again! Our newest Nix MINI 3 color sensor: accuracy, durability, and portability. Our dedicated engineers have crafted a sensor that embraces your adventurous spirit. Featuring an impressive 300% increase in resolution, you'll never miss the chance to capture and preserve your color inspirations.

Manufactured in North America, this product comes with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and a 1-year warranty.


  • Size: 3.8 x 2.5 cm / 1.5 x 1 in
  • Weight: 17 gr / 0.6 oz
  • Aperture Size: 14 mm / 0.6 in
  • Device Requirements: Android 4.4 or newer with Bluetooth 4.0; iOS 8.0 or newer
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion
  • Included App: Nix Toolkit App

How it works:

  • Start by selecting the job in the queue you want to color match
  • Using the job color replacement tool, select the color you want to replace
  • With the NIX Color Sensor and your mobile device, scan the color you want to match
  • Input the returned CIE lab values into the appropriate fields in CADlink or ProRIP, click apply, and that's it!

    Watch the short video below to see an example of how easy it is to do!

What you need:

Available Options:

  • NIX MINI 3 - if you need the NIX Sensor only, and you already have CADlink or ProRIP software and the ICC Profiling Software
  • NIX MINI 3 + PRORIP DTF - if you need the NIX Sensor and ProRIP Software and you already have the ICC Profiling Software
  • NIX MINI 3 + PRORIP DTF + ICC PROFILING - if you need all components the NIX Sensor, ProRIP and ICC Profiling Software


Additional Product Images - profiling-1.png
Additional Product Images - profiling-2.png
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Additional Product Images - nix1.png
Additional Product Images - nixpro2-7.png
Additional Product Images - nixmini3-1.png
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